Yummy Links: from Shrimp Roll Pizza to Pie Pans

• As if that crazy Japanese Double Roll pizza wasn't enough, now Korea has its own Double Roll and it includes shrimp! - Serious Eats
• The five cookie finalists in the Mrs. Fields Search for the 30th Anniversary Cookie Contest have been announced. - iVillage

• Learn more about fair trade, including 12 ways to shop fair trade. - TeamSugar

• Moving to college? Check out these desperate dorm-room tricks and microwave hi-jinxs. - Chow

• Summer is full of great produce, and here are five ways to eat more of it. - Apartment Therapy: The Kitchen

• Take some time to learn the science behind the restaurant menu. - Will Work For Food

• Here's another fascinating vintage recipe. This time it's for Velveeta Nutburgers. - Slashfood

• Don't miss this list of eight foods men (and probably women) should eat everyday. - FitSugar

• Ever wish you could make just a slice of pie? Well the individual pie slice pan takes you one step closer to that goal. - Baking Bites

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