Yummy Links: from Creative Lunches to Wild Crabs

• Bored of making your kids the same food each day? Check out these creative lunchtime ideas. - iVillage
• I'm not really sure you want to know this, but just in case, here's a nutritional breakdown of fair food. 760 calories in a funnel cake?! - FitSugar

• Do you know where the best pizza in America can be found? The field's been narrowed down to three finalists! - Serious Eats

• Speaking of pizza, things just got a little bit crazier at Domino's. Now they're offering an Oreo Dessert Pizza. - Slashfood

• I wish I had the space to collect cake stands. But since I don't, I'll just have to make my own for each party - Apartment Therapy: The Kitchen

• How did we all miss an exhibition of artists using chocolate as their medium? - Will Work For Food

• Don't let him order the Cosmo. Learn more about the 10 Drinks Men Should Never Order. - Chow

• Specialty kiosks will allow you to get recipes while at the grocery store. - Baking Bites

• Using a microwave will get you a lovely semolina-banana-coconut cake in under 15 minutes. Now if only I had a microwave...

• A moving tale about the noise a crab make when it dies. - Culinate

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