YSL Flash Radiance Skincare Brush ...

Wanna know what model Coco Rocha's skincare secret is? It’s none other than the Flash Radiance Skincare Brush from Yves Saint Laurent.

Part of YSL's Top Secrets Collection, Flash Radiance is especially soothing for tired skin to make the wearer feel fresh and invigorated.

So what exactly is it about the Flash Radiance which makes it an ideal product **to ease the signs of fatigue off your face? Basically, it works with a s**ingle brush strok**e. After the application, the high-performance formula of the **YSL skincare products that we've come to love over the years works superbly.

The ingredients which all work towards perfecting your skin are: Grain of Paradise extract, caffeine, seaweed, wheat proteins and sugar extract from oats.

The result? Reduced skin imperfections, traces of tiredness eliminated, and overall **radiant skin! **

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