You Say Tomato I Say Tomahto ...

Writing a blog in English may seem easy but when lots of your readers are American and you are English it can be difficult at times.

I have compiled a little list of confusing words. They are as follows - from top to bottom:

Fall - This is what we do when we trip over something. The season is Autumn to us.

Fanny - This is a good one, it is completely the other side of the anatomy to us. I'ts always a bit shocking when we hear it.
Biscuits - We dip them in our tea and they are flat. We call them Scones.
Chips - When ordering my first meal in the States I asked for a side order of Chips. I got what we call Crisps.
Gas - We cook on it and heat our homes with it. We call it Petrol.
Pillows - We sleep on them when we go to bed. We call them pillows. Hence all those pillow/cushion references on my blog.

I did a post on my guest blog at This Next last year called - Not In The USA You Don't - it lists all the things we have that Americans don't. Clike here to view

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