You Say Tomato, I Say Fooood Fight!


Every year, on the last Wednesday in August (which happens to be today), the folks of the Spanish town of Bunol get together for the annual tomato throwing festival. That's right, the town citizens, along with tens of thousands of tourists, get together for a giant tomato food fight called La Tomatina.

For exactly one hour (11am-noon), 117 tons of plum tomatoes were hurled into the air, at folks, into the streets, everywhere. At noon a rocket was shot into the air signaling the end of the fight. Once it was over, residents used garden hoses to spray down the town.

There were no reports of injuries this year, mostly because everyone seemed to respect the rules: Only throw tomatoes, don't throw tomatoes that are green (meaning that they're hard), squeeze the tomatoes first to make them burst easier (easing the sting).

So how did the event begin?

Local legend claims the event began in the mid-1940s after a group of youngsters waged a food fight near a vegetable stand on the town square. They met again the next year and pelted each other

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