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Yeohlee FallWinter 2007 Runway Review

By Stella

Setting the tone of the show was a lone accordion player, who provided a structured and eccentric soundtrack for the androgynous models as they walked down the runway appearing completely devoid of emotion.

The highly architectural collection referenced Antoni Gaudi, a Spanish Catalan Architect of the late 1800’s, who was famous for his unique style and highly individualistic designs – much like Yeohlee herself.

The array of textural materials included felted woolens, membrane-like cotton, featherweight silk organdy woven with undulating velvet stripes and metallic taffetas embroidered with a granular rice pattern. The color palette was subtle, based mostly on black, white and various shades of grey.

A standout piece was the very first look of the evening, a striking stretch felted wool coat in grey that was ovoid in shape with a crisp, structured collar that folded around the model’s shoulders and neck in a futuristic manner and could be adjusted into a hood at the wearers discretion.

Although it is unclear if this is a completely wearable collection for most in their current day to day lives, Yeohlee’s impressive designs are definitely the wave of the future and all in all, quite an amazing work of art to see.

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