Yay or Nay Wednesday

Poor ol' Michael Kors wasn't too popular with our readers who unanimously voted 'Nay' to his chunky 'Waxy' wedge-heeled peep-toes in last week's Yay or Nay. Sadly, it appears that the design might have won out, were it not for the addition of a poorly placed ankle strap! If you're a fan of cankles - or simply think that with heels that high, your ankles could do with a seatbelt - the shoes are £179 from Net-A-Porter.

Frills and spills aren't the only thing on designers' minds lately, though; suddenly it's the humble heel's turn in the spotlight! Previously considered as being simply the part of the shoe that stopped you falling off your footwear, it's now become the new 'it' fashion accessory for your feet! So, what of this designer offering, with its heavily jewelled heel? Is it devastating derriere or foolish fancy? Yay or Nay and why?

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