WWYD: Dealing with a Loud Date

So, here’s the thing. I got a reader query and I have to admit, it’s quite a dilemma. Not that I’ve experienced it but to just imagine how it must be like..! EGAD.

I’ll quote the scenario.

“I dated this cute girl. Everything started out well, but then she started talking and talking. It wasn’t so bad, but her voice was so loud! And that laugh! It put Fran Drescher to shame! I kept up a polite grin the whole time, then made up an excuse to go home right after dinner. You can’t imagine how relieved I was to finally drop that fake smile!

I was just wondering, could I have dealt with the situation better? How exactly do I deal with dates that are honestly… irritating!” — E.V.M.

(He didn’t want me to reveal his identity)

Do you see what I mean when I said that the situation being a dilemma? Gah.

A thought automatically popped into my head when I heard it — Don’t ask your date a question!

Er, seemed like a good idea, at first, but he quickly retorted, “but wouldn’t that open up pandora’s box even wider?! I won’t be able to control the conversation and she’ll keep talking and talking and TALKING!”


How do you deal with a date like that? Will you do what he did and just maintain a polite demeanour — silently praying to all the gods that the date would end sooner than later — then make up an excuse to go home?


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