Would You like to Own a 90210 T-shirt?


Hollywood's most famous zip code is back with a vengeance. After the 2-hour premiere of the teen drama's spin off last September 2, CBS Consumer Products have partnered with 90210 to release a line of vintage-style tees.

The vintage 90210 t-shirts will be available at Kitson Studio in West Hollywood. It was only last week that the collection was unveiled. Cats members Dustin Milligan, Ryan Eggold and Jessica Stroup were there to support the launching of the line of t-shirts for the show spinoff.

The designs include a classic white one with the Beverly Hills 90210 logo, one with a shot of the cast, another one that says "Meet Me at the Peach Pit" and "Team Naomi" and "Team Silver" t-shirts.

I am so loving the look of that white Beverly Hills 90210 shirt! I guess I'll grab one for myself.

Photo Credit: People

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