Wonderbra for Your Manly Bits

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Aussibum, an Australian designer, has created a pair of underwear that's taken the concept of the Wonderbra, and is using it to enhance the presence of your manly area.

It might sound like email spam, but the company claims it's "all natural," with "no rings string, padding or anything," using your "own parts." In short, says the company "the little budgie is a little budgie no more, it is a cockatoo."

For the adventurous among you (who aren't at work, or work someplace where half-naked dudes showing off their barely-covered "cockatoos" is cool with the boss), you can see the Wonderjocks in action in this video clip. And if you really like it, you can make the company your new MySpace friend.

Although, beware gentlemen. While this may seem like a good idea, eventually someone is going to see your "parts" sans Wonderjock, and you'll have a little explaining to do. Not everyone likes surprises.
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