Will Ferrell’s ‘Bewitched’ Parenting Advice to Nicole

Will Ferrell and Nicole Kidman starred in the 2005 romantic comedy “Bewitched”, which was directed by Norah Ephron and also stars Shirley Maclaine and Michael Caine.

Since Nicole just recently gave birth to Sunday Rose -what’s the 41-year old dad’s advice to his former co-star?

"For me, talk to your children, at least once a week... If you've got time, do it two or three times a week," he adds. "But otherwise, I find the times where I let weeks and weeks go by without talking to my children, that adds up."


He’s kidding, of course. The ”Step Brothers” star gave this funny comment to People magazine at the movie’s premier in Los Angeles last Tuesday. Will’s married to Swedish actress Viveca Paulin, and they have two sons: 4-year-old Magnus and 1-year-old Mattias.

Asked if his two sons are aspiring funnymen like their father, Will said with a straight face, "No, they're not funny. They're deadly serious."

I bet his kids would’ve had a blast upon hearing their goofy dad talk about them that way!