Wild about Thomas Wylde


Former model Paula Thomas has been a lot of things: Bond girl, Playboy model, Julian MacDonald's muse and even CEO of his company. But the one thing she has never been is unfashionable. She continues that trend with her Thomas Wylde line. You might recognize the signature skulls from the heads and arms of Hollywood's fashion elite (her skull print scarf was everywhere in the last year and Sienna Miller rocked a Thomas Wylde dress at the Academy Awards.) The Kings Cross Skull bag is not a typical bag for the Bag Snobs but it appeals to our rebellious side. The signature skull details are subtle enough where you won't look like you're trying too hard (Ahem. I'm talking to you Lindsey Lohan), but they add a nice rock 'n roll twist to a classic shape and color. But buyer beware - Thomas sells her line in “limited capacity” only, and trust us, they go quickly! At Barneys for $2360. [...]

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