'Wich of the Week Sweet Serrano Panini

Welcome back to 'Wich of the Week, where every Wednesday I'll feature a different sandwich I've eaten or prepared at home, complete with photos and instructions on how to recreate it.

This week, I've made a variation on panini, which in Italian means "little bread." In the US, a panini sandwich can be pretty sizable, and the warm, melted delicacies are usually pressed and cooked on a grill. To make my panini, I actually made one giant sandwich in the oven, then sliced it up to make six smaller sandwiches. Good thing, too, because this sweet and savory recipe is very decadent.

I started by splitting a large loaf of ciabatta (about 10 inches long) horizontally, coating one side with fig preserves and the other side with a blue cheese and walnut spread. The yummy center is filled with salty Serrano ham, arugula, and sliced Fuji apple. To learn how to make it,

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