'Wich of the Week Daily Turkey Delight

I spend a lot of time on YumSugar celebrating all sorts of gourmet indulgences. But it's not often enough that I pay tribute to one of my favorite and most simple foods: the sandwich. These deliciously portable meals come in countless forms, from humble PB&Js to international treats like Vietnamese banh mi. So this year I'm starting a new feature called 'Wich of the Week, where every Wednesday I'll feature a different sandwich I've eaten or prepared at home, complete with photos and instructions on how to recreate it.

I thought I'd start things off with the default turkey sandwich. I make this one when I want a good lunch that requires very little time or thought. It's turkey on multigrain, topped with sliced cucumber and cheese and toasted in the oven; I then toss on some sprouts for a little friction and avocado slices to hold it all together. To get the recipe,

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