Why Include Soy in Your Every Meal?


If you want to partake in the health benefits that vegetarians experience when they use soy as their main protein source – then you should think about including soy in your daily diet.

According to Reuters, a recent study in Hong Kong showed that Isoflavone improved artery functions in stroke patients. This chemical is present in soybeans, chickpeas, legumes and clovers.

So if you want to reap similar health benefits from soy, make sure to include it in your breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. Instead of regular milk, try a glass of soymilk in the morning. Tofu steak tastes great for either lunch or dinner – and why not be experimental in trying out some soymilk or soybeans-based desserts?

Remember that soy and Isoflavone in general is beneficial to your health – so brush up on your home cooking skills and try using tofu as your main meal ingredient every so often.