Why do the opposite Sexes Think Differently?

I’ve always believed that the physical **and **emotional differences between **men **and **women **are what make **relationships **exciting.

Apparently, there is more to this than a battle-of-the-sexes thing:

A new research has shown that between a man’s and woman’s brain there is a tiny difference **at a genetic level, which forces representatives of **different sexes thinking differently from each other.

This does not mean someone is cleverer, and someone - is sillier. Distinctions are observed in the emotional **and sensual plan. Men and women **empathize, show aggression, **love **and hate differently.
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The funny thing is -whenever something odd puzzles us, we always strive to look for a scientific explanation behind it. But when it comes to the basic differences between men and women, especially when it comes to relationships, we’ve always just attributed it to the **X **and **Y **chromosomes.

Now that you know that there is a difference, no matter how tiny -between the workings of a man and woman’s brain -then us girls **will probably have a **better **time **understanding **them. **And vice versa.
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