Who is the Addict?

Kristen Kelly, aka the Beauty Addict, is a little obsessed with makeup (although this is probably an understatement). She got her first lipstick as a very small girl, and experienced early on the pain of loss when the lipstick was left in the pocket of her school uniform and then laundered, turning everything a lovely shade of hot pink (it was the '80s).

Her first job, back in high school, was at a cosmetics and fragrance counter, selling beauty goodies to droves of women. By age 16 her makeup collection was so vast that it required the purchase of a large trunk to hold all of it. She toted this around to sleepovers and made over her friends.

She earned her degree in Marketing from NYU and had a very glamorous job in the fashion industry for three years. She then scored a great gig in marketing at a huge professional services concern in New York.

The Beauty Addict grew up in Brooklyn, New York and has lived in a dorm in Manhattan, several hotels, and a penthouse apartment in a city which will remain nameless.

She is also addicted to shoes, sunglasses, European candy bars, and Diet Coke.

Potential advertisers, PR people, and those with questions can contact her at **kristen.s.kelly@gmail.com**.

Fellow **MakeupAlley** girls, her handle on MUA is **ksk216**.

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