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Where I've Been

By Jackie

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Sooo very sorry for my lack of posts here lately. Things have been rather crazy, I've been sick, and most days not a lick of make-up has touched my face. Also, I was mugged, which put me in a foul mood that wouldn't have suited this blog. Then I went to Paris (where the photo here was taken - with our old, semi-broken camera, because the jerkwad muggers stole my lovely Panasonic Lumix with Leica lens) and sort of got over it. Meaning that I'm no longer scared to death to walk down the street - though you won't find me doing so at night - but I still hope my muggers die a slow and rather horrific death.

Here's something about that day in Paris where that picture above was taken: I put my makeup on and thought, "Good job, Danicki." You know how it is - many days, your makeup looks just screw-ups, but nothing knockout. Then there are the days when you think, "Blimey, something really clicked today." This was one of the latter days, and even Antoine commented on it, saying, "You're always good at makeup, but this looks especially excellent." My hair also looked fantastic that day. But, as usual, the photograph totally fails to capture either of these triumphs, with my hair looking flat and my face looking pretty blah.

I was happy, though, and on my way to relaxation, something I don't allow myself very often. Good times.

I'm on my way to Los Angeles and New York in a few days' time, but hope to post here every day for the foreseeable future. It's a goal, not a promise. I hope you can be bothered to hold me to it.

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