When You Need Help Faking It


The Mobile Faker service, developed by Moderati, is helping people ditch bad dates, hand out fake numbers, retrieve conversation starters and find the perfect pick-up line.

Moderati has the ability to provide services ranging from fake incoming phone call to warding off a bothersome wannabe suitors.

Features include faux calls, which are fake calls complete with voice prompts to help subscribers fake a realistic-sounding conversation;faux numbers that send people to a voicemail service telling them theyโ€™re a loser; wallpaper downloads of fake significant others, pets and vacations.

For $3.99 per month, Sprint subscribers can use the serviceโ€™s features.

As a person knee deep in the dating scene, do you think you’d ever use this service or looking back — are there times you wish this service had been available to you?

I’m curious as to whether we’ve become so consumed with rejecting from a distance rather then feeling courageous enough to be truthful face-to-face. What do you think?

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