When You Just Can't Take Another Step in Those Heels Emergency Origami Shoes

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How many of you have put together a fierce outfit for a night out on the town, complete with sexy shoes, only to find that you're going somewhere without valet (gasp!)? And then you've not only had to walk your hot little self several blocks to your location, but walk back, or possibly somewhere else in the meantime?

I remember one particular night out in a major city wearing boots. I'd been wearing them all day, but apparently they had a 10 hour time limit on them or something, because by the time I left the club, I was ready to cut my feet off with a dull knife because they hurt soooo bad.

Now, had I had some semi-fashionable origami emergency shoes stashed in my handbag, I would've been a lot happier. As Fashiontribes points out, they aren't quite for the mainstream (yet), but it's a fantastic idea, and I know I'll be on the lookout for shoes like these to be available.
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