When Obsessive Love Turns to Freaky Fatal Attraction ...

Stalker alert! Here's an interesting post from the I'mPrettyinPink blog: it's about the destructive phase of obsessive love.

According to the author, you'll know that love has turned obsessive because:

1. Obsessive Lovers Believe That Only the Person They **fixate **on Can Make Them Feel Happy and Fulfilled

2. Persons Close to the love-obsessed Can Also Be Greatly Affected. Witnessing a Friend or Family Member Suffer from the Disorder Can Be Distressing

I am pretty sure that **luuuvv **can easily turn into freaky fatal attraction if:

1. You Feel the Same Way That Glenn Close Feels for Michael Douglas in the Movie "**Fatal Attraction**"

2. You Still stalk Your Ex at Work when He Said a Couple of Months Ago That "it's so over" between You Two

3. You're Already Planning Your Wedding with the Guy That You Just Had Your First Date with

So what's the moral lesson? Take it easy – and don't be a stalker! LOL…