When Did Natasha Henstridge Get Wide?

good evening! did everyone have fun watching the super bowl today? (you can watch all the commercials over here) i actually tuned in for one reason only - new england patriot's quarterback hottie tom brady - oh my gosh he's gorgeous! (even though he seems like a bit of a prick - and i bet his ex-girlfriend and baby mama bridget moynahan would agree...she's probably glad his team lost to the new york giants!) anyways i was looking at some recent pictures from NY's fashion week and i came across actress/model natasha henstridge looking a little wider than before - you probably best know her for the horror franchise species - and right now she's starring in eli stone which just premiered last week - i didn't really notice that she's not as skinny as she used to be - maybe she'll be invited to join in on celebrity fit club! she's not out of control wide but she could stand to lose a few pounds - she's still really pretty! (she's only 33 - doesn't she look older than that?) i normally don't like to point out things like this but i'm sure some other blogger would have! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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