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What's Yummy This Week YumSugar Weekly Recap

By yumsugar

• Don't miss out on October's must haves. I know I want everything on the list!• This week we crowned a new Top Chef, and mentally prepared for the Next Iron Chef. Meanwhile, Gordon Ramsay helped fix up another restaurant.

• Did you know that it's National Cookie Month? We're celebrating by bringing you a different cookie recipe every day and we're even offering great tips on how to host your own cookie party!• Speaking of cookies, how well host your own cookie party!• Speaking of cookies, how well do you know chocolate chip cookies?
• October is also National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You can bet that we'll highlight different products and organizations that raise awareness.• Watch out! There's been a recall on ground beef patties and on white chocolate.• This week we want to know, do you lick the bowl? Maybe you're afood sampler instead?• My favorite thing all week: Space Food Sticks. How could you not love commercials from the 60s?

• Would you drink a bottle of dirt? No? How about perspiration?• And finally, congrats to lexichloe for being last month's top talker! If you're this month's top talker, you could win a YumSugar t-shirt!

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