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What's Yummy This Week - YumSugar Weekly Recap

By yumsugar

• Cheers to fall! Raise a champagne filled cupcake in celebration! When you're done chomping down on that, go ahead and plan a festive fall dinner party.
• This week marked the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. Did you eat your mooncakes?

• New Game: We give you a few ingredients and you tell us what you would make!

• We said farewell to ice cream and hello to soup! Each week PartySugar will bring you a new soup recipe. She's kicked things off with a creamy artichoke soup.

• Looking for a homemade lunchbox snack alternative? Try these homemade fruit roll ups.

• Science alert! How well does water clean your fruits and vegetables?

• Top Chef is just about over. This week we went from four contestants down to three.

• It's Oktoberfest time! How much do you know about it?

• Miss Martha is expanding her empire. First there was Macy's, and now there is her own wine. Speaking of Martha, did you see her and Amy Sedaris making cheeesballs?

• Is taking children on a field trip to a winery a good idea or bad one?

• Ugly is in! Don't miss out on this gallery of ugly tomatoes.

• And finally, would you eat fish balls?

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