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What's Yummy This Week YumSugar Weekly Recap

By yumsugar

• This week we are throwing a festive luau dinner party. There are fantastic appetizers, lovely drinks and cute invitations.

• Our very own 7bits - winner of a peach-pie eating contest - brought in a load of peaches. I decided to make a ginger peach upside-down cake.

• Our summer reading continues with books about food science, partying and cupcakes.

• Speaking of cupcakes, did you see these Root Beer Float Cupcakes? Decadent!

• Another decadent treat is PartySugar's Puff Pasty and Cherry Chocolate Sandwiches. I'm just bummed I missed out!

• Her ice cream definitely looked tasty, I wish I could say the same for all the crazy ice cream flavors on Top Chef this week.

• Which of these crazy candies would you choose?

• What did you think of the not-quite finale of Hell's Kitchen? Were you upset that they didn't make beef wellington?

• If you need a fast and easy meal, be sure to check out these beef and potato burritos.

• Pizza Hut's Double Roll continues to blow my mind. The commercial is outrageous!

• Finally, for this month's challenge, we're asking you to take a pic of yourself with your favorite cookbook!

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