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What Will a Spice Girls 2007 Show LOOK like?

By Designer

The Spice Girls are back for a (teeny tiny: read very few cities) “world” tour and I’m excited. Or I was until I came to this thought: the Spice Girls were interesting partly because of their individuality and fun looks. Sure, it was all so fashionably criminal to the capitol extent, but somehow deliciously appealing. (Or well hey, I was about 15, so what can I say.)

Here is what the “girls” look like now: UPGRADE = absolutely (except for Posh, absolute reversal in the wrong direction, so sad… Get the brunette dye on your head PRONTO!)

And here is an example of Original Spice:

Although the women now look more beautiful and stylish, their old costumes showed off lots of color, pizazz and personality. And I feel the way they differentiated themselves added tremendously to their success. Fans got to know and love them more, and audiences could tell the members apart. Plus a stage show is more interesting with wild looks.

On the other hand, we’re in a more grown up time, so would the old schtick work? Well, I feel fans want to recapture the old magic.

**So can there be SPICE without FLAVOR? **

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