My Own Version of What to do if My Guy's Flirting ...

No matter how many times your boyfriend or hubby tells you that you’re sexy, beautiful and how much he’s really into you - there will always come a time when you’ll feel insecure about your relationship.

Especially when he’s flirting. Flirting with the opposite sex is something that both men and women are guilty of.

We cannot be all things to all partners. No one person can ever fulfill all the emotional, occupational and intellectual demands of our lovers.
-Miss Cyprah

But if your guy’s flirting really **pisses **the heck out of you? Do you immediately go the drama queen route and ask him “What the hell are you doing flirting with that girl”?

Do you wait until you’re in the safety of your own love nest to tell him that you want to claw his - or that girl’s - eyes out?

Or do you give him the **cold shoulder **until he freezes his ass off?

I would probably do one of the same, depending on the **‘heaviness’ **of the flirtation, lol.

But seriously, we have to accept the fact that guys are natural flirts. This is especially true if they’re extremely sociable. When you see your guy openly **flirting **with the hottest girl in the room and you’re feeling a tad insecure - it’s better to go the diplomatic way rather than immediately putting him on the defensive.

Just introduce the subject casually and you’ll know from his reaction whether that was just a little harmless flirtation **- or something else. **

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