What to do about the Goo


By Toni Slowinski

Everyone who has kids should be able to relate to this story. My 10 year old son goes to bed one night with this green slimy stuff that he got at his birthday party and falls asleep with it on his finger. During the night the green stuff turns liquidy and covers his sheets and his shirt to the point where I seriously thought they were ruined. What made him do that, who knows - kids are so unpredictable and do things we can never explain!

Anyway, the story continues with a spray bottle of Skin So Soft bath oil. I took the shirt and sheets and sprayed them with a good amount of the oil and let it sit overnight. The next day I threw them into the wash and low and behold! It all came out!

Moral of the story, keep a bottle of Skin So Soft oil handy, it's awesome at taking care of the goo!

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