What Kind of Brush Cleaner do You Use?

**By Kelly Robertson **

Gentle on your skin, I apply almost all of my make-up with cosmetics brushes and have built up quite the collection over the year. Some were expensive but because I take good care of them, I've had many for a long time and they're still in great shape.

I'm interested in what the membership uses to clean their cosmetics brushes to include cost, fragrance and if their favorite brand dries quickly so that the same brush can be used immediately after cleaning.

I've used a MAC brush cleaner and professional make-up artist brands such as Parian Spirit and Cinema Secrets. I've also used a 2 to 1 mixture of vinegar and distilled water.

The MAC was definitely the most expensive and in my opinion, harsh on my brushes. The vinegar mixture does disinfect and clean and is clearly the least expensive route to go, but my brushes smelled like vinegar when they dried. The Parian Spirit has a great, citrus smell and along with Cinema Secrets, drys immediately plus, both "conditions" and disinfects the brushes. What's your fav?

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