What is Beautiful about Cannabis and Absinthe?

I can’t resist posting this:

Cannabis and absinthe… substances that could land you in jail. But not when you spray it on.

LuckyScent.com, the Internet’s premier destination for rare and exclusive fragrances, has added the cult classic Absolument Absinthe by Le Parfum d'’Interdits to its growing roster of unique offerings.

The soft herbal notes of unburned cannabis and absinthe (illegal in France until 1999) and still banned in several parts of the world, are blended together with 49 other ingredients (including black tea, Iranian galbanum, lotus flower, Ceylon cardamom, and sandalwood) to create a soft scent on your skin that changes dramatically depending on the wearer.

Every scentual experience is different. Your own skin chemistry claims this perfume as a totally personal fragrance. On some, it’s clean and soapy. On others, it’s light citrus with a medium musk, or a black tea-like scent tinged with green herbs, or even a spiced floral on others. But however it smells on you, it’s the best – and most luxurious - natural high around.

Absolument Absinthe retails at $130 for 50ml at LuckyScent.com and Scent Bar in Los Angeles.

I laugh - but you know what? It intrigues me. I wonder how it smells on me? Probably like the morning after I stayed at the bar too late. Nah, I bet its nice, I’m ordering a sample right now.

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