Wet & Wild Gets a Makeover

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One of my favorite beauty bloggers, the fabulous Elke von Freudenberg recently attended the Wet & Wild spring launch and reports that the new Wet & Wild line is something to look forward to. Yes, the ultimate in Drugstore Beauty Queen items has gotten a little makeover itself, new silver packaging and a bunch of new fun products. I tend to buy Wet & Wild products when I want to test out a new color because if it turns out that it looks seriously awful with my coloring I've only wasted a few bucks. And it's great for holiday or costume makeup when you want to step out of your comfort zone. According to Elke the new Wet & WIld has products that might just tempt you to think of the cheapo makeup in a whole new way. The product I'm most interested in testing out is the Glassy Gloss Lip Gel (thank heaven, I don't have to ask to it by name).
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