Wedding Theme...


After reading Miss Fells Point blog, I felt I had to talk about my own theme, since it is similar! My Fiance and I both studied abroad in Madrid in college, and post graduate my Fiance lived in Madrid for a year, so we both also hold Spain near and dear to our hearts, not to mention our first date was at a tapas restaurant :) . However, when thinking of a theme, I knew I didn't want a full blown theme (including attire), but I also knew i wanted to include my families heritage ( my grandmother is 100% Cuban). All the women in my family have always worn mantillas, and I had always planned to keep this tradition. Hopefully ( if my mother can find it) wearing my mothers Mantilla.

In search of finding amantilla combI like I have come across two that peak my interest--

With that in mind, my fiance and I also decided to incorporate a "Latin" theme into different aspects of our wedding. We are also serving a selection of tapas as appetizers ( picking our favorites like "tortilla espana" and "Croquetas de Jam

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