Wear Lipstick- Doctor's Orders!



Imagine this: you see your doctor for an annual check-up, and what does he or she tell you? Heart rate is fine, blood pressure is great, but you must wear lipstick- doctor’s orders! Well, technically a doctor is commanding you to wear lip color. But not just any lip color… Dr. Hauschka’s Lipsticks. It is chemical-free, so it’s pretty-pout worthy for sensitive skin. It comes in some Italian-inspired shades like Dolce and Amoroso and delivers smooth, creamy texture, for beautiful and healthy kissers.

Hey, if it’s doctor recommended, you can’t go wrong. So the next time you’re on the lookout for a new lip color, think outside the tube and go for a lipstick that is doctor made, doctor approved, and doctor recommended. Wow, sorry if I just sounded like a cough medicine commercial. But if bland lips persist, make an appointment with Dr. Hauschka.