8 Ways to Curb Online Shopping ...

I can list so many things I love about working from home but there are downsides, too. One is that I am online for the majority of the day and I can check eBay or Amazon or Etsy anytime I want. And seeing that I can never say no to all things cute or pretty, this is not good for my financial health. So I came up with ways to stop myself from clicking ADD TO CART and CHECKOUT. I hope that these ways to curb online shopping help you, too. These are tried and tested methods, I should add.

1. Get Creative

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Whenever you notice yourself clicking through items for sale, get up, and do something else. I suggest getting creative; bake, sew, paint, cook, draw. Tackling a project sure has helped me save a lot of money. It helps that my sewing table is right beside my desk.

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