7 Ways to Achieve the Impossible ...

Most of us have ambitions, but the sad thing is that these often remain unfulfilled; it's thus important to look at ways to achieve the impossible. This lack of fulfillment may be due to practical considerations or a lack of confidence and self-belief, but whatever the cause is, it’s all too easy to label these ambitions as impossible and put them aside. Yet there are ways to achieve the impossible, if you go about it the right way. Here are some tips to help.

1. Don’t Listen to Negative People

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Frequently ambitions are stifled because of negative messages we receive, often from the very people who should encourage us to achieve what we want to do. Teachers, parents, partners and those around us can deter us, sometimes with the best of intentions and sometimes from envy. Don’t allow yourself to be discouraged – sensible advice is useful, but never allow negativity to put you off; this is a fantastic way to achieve the impossible.

2. Work Hard

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Why does something seem impossible? Because it’s not easy to achieve! This simple fact is so obvious that it’s easy to overlook. Yet we only have to look at the example of people who refuse to be told that they cannot possibly manage something, and persist until they reach their goal. Hard work is a definite requirement.

3. Believe in Yourself

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To achieve the impossible it is essential to have a strong sense of self-belief. However unlikely it may seem to others, you yourself absolutely must believe that you can do it. This self-belief will help you through the difficulties and effort required, and can make things happen that you thought never would. It's a vital way to achieve the impossible.

4. Persistence

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If at first you don’t succeed … should definitely be the mantra of those who want to achieve something that seems impossible. However long it takes, however much work is required, you must keep at it – things won’t just fall into your lap. Persistence pays.

5. Determination

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In order to achieve what you want, even when the odds seem against it, you must be absolutely determined to get there. Even though it will be difficult, you must want it so much that you will keep working at it. Without determination, success is all but impossible.

6. Find a New Way

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Some goals can only be achieved by following a certain route. Others, however, are more likely to succeed by being original and inventive, particularly in the creative field. If you want to achieve the impossible, look for a new way of getting there. It’s not guaranteed to work, but trying something out is a crucial way to achieve the impossible.

7. Act!

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This is a fundamental point! Without taking practical steps and working towards a goal, nothing will be achieved, whether easy or impossible. Things don’t fall into our laps, so it’s essential to ACT in order to get somewhere. Don’t just dream about it, work for it!

I’m happy to say that I have achieved things that I once thought impossible for me, so you see that it can be done! There are many ways to achieve the impossible, you just have to discover what works for you. What ‘impossible’ dreams have you made reality, or would you like to achieve?

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