VPOD: Golden Girl

Well, it's begun. One day there's Halloween candy on the shelves and the next, the Holidays are in the air. Last Sunday's newspaper featured two super-heavy toy catalogs and I've had two relatives asking for my Christmas wish list already.So it's the time of year when a vintage fashionista starts to think about what she's going to wear to the round of parties and open houses that will fill her agenda from Thanksgiving to New Years. Today's VPOD would be perfect!This 1980s vintage skirt has just enough shimmer and shine to contribute to the Holiday spirit without being over-the-top. It's made of distressed metallic gold leather so it's soft, shimmery and sophisticated rather than stiff and garish. Full pleats create a feminine silhouette. It's a perfect base piece that will allow your imagination to run free as you mix and match it with...a chiffon blouse and chain necklaces, a tiny tank and cashmere beaded sweater, a sleeveless turtleneck sweater, a tiny cropped brocade jacket...the possibilities are endless!A 14-karat gold party piece for a vintage fashionista!Available at Mighty Flirt.(To receive the VPOD via email with detailed size, price and purchase information, sign up for my growing email mailing list. Your information will never be sold or shared and you can unsubscribe at any time.)Send Page To a FriendTechnorati Tags: Fashion, Vintage, Vintage Clothing, 1980s [...]

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