Vintage Steamer Trunks Louis Vuitton Vs Free People

March 24, 2008
post written by Bag Bliss blogger: BrS

Vintage Steamer Trunks: Louis Vuitton vs Free People
The Vintage Louis Vuitton Steamer Trunk has been a hot item on ebay lately. In fact, they have been so popular that people are willing to pay as much as $8,000 for a complete trunk (e.g. the drawers and hangers are present). Certainly these people don’t intend to actually use these trunks for traveling. So what are they doing with them? Are they simply collector’s pieces or are they being showcased as antique furniture in one’s bedroom? Yep, those Louis Vuitton Steamer Trunks are pretty cool! I think it would be awesome to have one sitting in my house, just as a conversation piece!

So what do you do if you like the idea of a steamer trunk, but you don’t want to fork over the 8 grand for it? Well, Free People has recently come out with this vintage-inspired steamer trunk (pictured above on the right). Free People says that this trunk is “a more feminine interpretation of the classic early 1920’s steamer trunk”. Feminine is right! The trunk’s exterior is covered with a patchwork of floral fabrics. And it’s interior? The trunk is lined with hot pink satin. The body of the trunk is composed of heavy-duty plywood, while the trim pieces are made of Burmese teak. The trunk is large, measuring 23 1/2″ x 23 1/2″ x 46″ and it retails for $2,700.

Personally, I think the trunk is cute in its own quirky way. But the $2,700 price tag seems to be a bit of a stretch for an item that would have no practical use other than as a piece of furniture. Gee… I could get a whole bedroom set for that amount!

The Free People Vintage Steamer Trunk can be found on their website. You can check it out here: Free People Clothing Boutique

And for those of you interested in a REAL vintage steamer trunk, you can head on over to ebay! Search for a Louis Vuitton Steamer Trunk here: Louis Vuitton Steamer Trunk, Furniture, Luggage items on

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