Victoria Beckham and Her Marc Jacobs Handbags


Tired of Victoria Beckham yet? Neither am I! We all suspect Victoria’s purse closet is actually an Hermes workroom but with her relationship with Marc Jacobs solidified via their earlier ad campaign, Posh has really been eager to show off her friend’s work. Mrs. Beckham was seen in the same dress, presumably on the same day, with not one but TWO of Marc Jacobs’ newest creations: The Serafima Bag on Bag Purse on the left and the Mika and the right. The Serafima is currently available in a delicious candy-apple red for $2,650 through and the Mika, an exclusive for Spring Summer 2008, is said to be around $1,800. If you simply cannot wait to indulge, carries a similar bag in a brilliant lavender and orange for $895.

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