Versace Venus Mirror Tote

With a moniker like ‘Venus’ you’d think Versace would bring us a handbag that hits all the right notes and makes us feel… well, like a goddess. But they pulled a switcherooo on us and gave us this instead. To start, they cut a piece of silvery-gold metallic leather and fashioned it into a tote. Then, they patched on a marsupial-like pouch on the front and two gaping tumor-like sleeves on either side of the bag, in gold, VINYL coated leather with a geometric pattern, no less. Then, in over-the-top Versace fashion, they added more metallic in the form of hardware. Certainly, this Versace Venus Mirror Tote says “Look at me!” but probably not in the way you’d want. If you think you can make it work, pick one up at eLuxury for $2,245.

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