Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale Go Shopping, Carrying Chanel and Balenciaga Bags


The two cuties from High School Musical 2, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale, were snapped for this photo while strolling and shopping in Valencia. (Via Ashley ‘n Vanessa: Shopping in ....) The clothes are cute, casual chic, vaguely forgettable...but their bags are quite yummy! On Ashley is the beautiful Chanel 2.55 Quilted Classic that we've seen on many a starlet (from Paris to Mischa) and on Vanessa is the ever-popular Balenciaga motorcycle thats on just every starlet not mentioned above. (Nicole, Kate, Jessica, Sienna, Fergie, Twiggy...) Must have one of the two? The Balenciaga will set you back US$1195, while the Chanel 2.55 still costs upwards of US$2000.

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