Valentine's Gifts under $30.00

Romantic fortune cookies - Your love life is about to take a turn for the interesting. Confucius couldn't have said it better. Each of these crispy chocolate-covered cookies comes with a romantic version of the traditional fortunes. Exclusively from RedEnvelope. $28.00

Frog prince chocolates - Sometimes it can take a whole lot of frogs to find a prince. Whether she's waiting for her prince to come or she's already found him, she'll enjoy kissing—or eating, anyway—these fabulous frog chocolate truffles. Just like in the fairy tales, one of them wears a 24k-gold crown. The rest are a collection of "reject" frogs in amusing positions. Exclusively from RedEnvelope. $24.00

Chocoholics body frosting - If subtle is what you want, keep looking. But if you're seeking something sinful, this is it. Set of body frostings comes with three delicious flavors: Wild Cherry Chocolate, Chocolate and Espresso Dream Chocolate. $28.00

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