Valentines Day....

I don't really like Valentines day...I know I know , I am probably construed as "anti-romantic" for that previous statment, but its true, I find valentines day to be a manufactured holiday. I would prefer FI to just randomly give me chocolates, or flowers or sweet cards, it doesnt matter if I get something on February 14th! However to totally contradict what I just wrote, this year I am going away on a mini-vacation with some of my girl friends ( to san francisco) the morning ( read 6am) after valentines day, I won't be returning until the following tuesday morning ( read 7am). This means that FI and I won't see each other for *gasp* 4 days! Now you are free to mock me here, but I hate being away from FI, even for a night, but 4 nights is always rough. Even though he and I hate being away from each other, we are the kind of couple that can go on seperate trips with our respective friends, or have girls night/guys night out, but just because we can do it, doesn't mean I like it! FI and I have made a sort of "tradition" that either time we leave for a long weekend/mini trip/business trip and the other person isint coming, we have a romantic dinner the night before and have some quality "us" time. However, if you already see where I'm going, the night before now falls on Valentines Day. Also part of this tradition is the person that is leaving does the picking of the restaurant for the afore mentioned romantic meal. Picking a romantic restaurant on valentines day, this shouldnt be hard right? Wrong, I have been procrastinating/insanly busy at work and now I find myself less than 10 days away and I have no plans! Then today, call it fate, call it a sign, I recieved an email from mie n yu( one of my favorite resturants).

They are having a Valentines day tasting menu If this is a little expensive for you ( $65 a person but it sounds amazing) The regular Menu is also available.

Mie n Yu, has an ambience that is amazing and food is great! It is just what i'm looking for --not "uber romantic" but romantic enough and great food!

Has anybody found any great valentines deals? Or cute ideas to give to the future Hubby?

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