Valentine Project #2: Tom Checkbook

Another Valentine themed project idea from Creative Imaginations.

Tom Checkbook #16285
Christine Adolph Heart Text Paper #10802
Christine Adolph Love Epoxy Stickers #10810
Christine Adolph Love Chipboard #14061
Stencil Alphabet 8” x 10” Gold Foil Stickers #10807
Pink gingham ribbon


1. Cut a Panel, Slightly Smaller, than a Tom Checkbook from Heart Text Paper. Remove Calendar from Checkbook Cover

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2. Embellish the Heart Text Paper Panel with Love Epoxy and Stencil Alphabet Gold Foil Stickers, as Shown

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3. Slip the Heart Text Panel and the Calendar into the Tom Checkbook’s Cover

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4. Wrap a Length of Pink Gingham Ribbon around the Center of the Checkbook and Knot the Ends. Tie a Short Length around the Ribbon and Knot the Ends. Trim the Ends of the Ribbons Diagonally with Scissors

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5. Attach a Blue Heart from Love Chipboard to the Cover of the Checkbook

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