Valentine Project #1 - LOVE Words

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, why not try one of these Valentine projects from Creative Imaginations.

Love Wood Words #16272
Anthology Pink Roses Paper #15945
Anthology Raspberry Swirl Paper #15946
Anthology Jennifer Alphabet Chipboard #15956
Anthology Jennifer Acrylics #15954
Paper Flowers
Brown acrylic paint
Coral acrylic paint
Exacto knife
Gold pen


1. Apply Two Coats of Brown Acrylic Paint to Entire Surface of the Letters from Love Wood Words Letters. Apply Two Coats of Coral Acrylic Paint to Entire Surface of the Frame from Love Wood Words. Let Dry between Coats

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2. Using Mod Podge, Apply Pink Roses and Raspberry Swirl Papers to the Letters and the Frame. Use Fingers to Firmly Press down Edges. Let Dry

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3. Trim off the Excess Paper from the Letters and Frame

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4. Edge the Letters with a Gold Pen

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5. Embellish Letters with Ribbon, Paper Flowers, Jennifer Alphabet Chipboard and a Jennifer Acrylic, as Shown

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