What to EAT?
Scientists came to a conclusion that the most useful fruit is PAPAYA for it contains huge amount of A and C vitamins as well as beta carotene and cellulose.

The second position in the list is taken by PINEAPPLE which is reach not only in vitamins but an incredible ability – it simply burns odd fat.

APPLES, PEARS, ORANGES and QUINCES are also notable for the pectines that absorb toxic substances and remove them from the organism. Now U won’t be lost in the fruit department of your local Grocery!

What to DRINK?
Liquid is a vital substance for any living being. It is necessary for digesting, clearing the organism from chemical waste and for preserving normal body temperature.
Scientists recommend:
- to drink 2 litters of liquid a day
- to drink 2,5 litters of liquid in summer ( For those of you who live in subtropical or tropical climate that will be the norm)

- to mind that every cup of milk or juice contains 100 – 200 kcal approximately

- to remember that mineral water, tea without sugar don’t contain any calories
If you are thirsty the best drink will be:
- cherry juice
- cherry plum juice
- cornelian cherry juice
- and mineral water with lemon

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