USB Flash Drive That Looks like a Lipstick


With more and more women these days carrying all their work home not in a traditional file but on an USB flash drive, it makes perfect sense to come up with interesting designs that will attract their attention, and ultimately, their hard earned dollars. This USB Lipstick drive fits the bill perfectly, as it looks very much like a generic lipstick with its cap on. Taking the cap off will reveal a USB connector, enabling you to hook up this device to any available USB slot on your computer for instant storage.

This is definitely one nifty gadget to have in any handbag, but remember to make backups of the data within every day lest you fall victim to a snatch thief. The USB Lipstick drive comes in only one capacity - 1GB. If only the manufacturer had taken steps to include more sizes to this range. If you are interested in picking up one of this, you can always fork out £19.95 for it. Each purchase comes with a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind.

Product Page via TRFJ

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