Underage Drinking Not as Easy as It Used to Be

I've always wondered how the clubs get away with serving underage celebs like Lindsay Lohan, the Olsen twins, and anyone on the Hills or Laguna Beach. (Shortly after wondering, it always dawns on me that they're famous ... and quite rich.) Well, young celebrities may have to find a new place to hang out after the latest round of celebrity DUI's. The LA Times reports that the recent publicity has prompted the California Alcohol Beverage Control Board to step up undercover activities at the nightspots around town. The Board has already sought a 15-day closure order for the club Mood, where paparazzi have captured photos of a then-underage Frankie Muniz and Jesse McCartney partying. The Times could not get ahold of Mood's owner, David Judaken, but a friend of his has come to his defense. Elizabeth Peterson was quoted as saying, "It's totally not his fault," explaining that many underage people have convincing fake identification. Yeah, because no one knows how old the Olsen twins are. It's okay, young celebs, you'll find something to do with your free time - the bowling alley and the mall were fun places to hang out when I was in high school.

Source: LA Times

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