Old Vs. New: 10 Unbelievable Chart-Topping Facts ...

It's no secret that I love music – who doesn't? I'm a big fan of older stuff – sadly, for me, that now means music from the '90s, in addition to classics from the '60s and the '80s. If you're at all like me, then you're probably going to enjoy – or cry over – some of the groan-worthy music facts I discovered today, courtesy of all the viral-goodness over at Buzzfeed. I cannot believe half of these facts – can you?

1. Jimi Hendrix Vs. Creed

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I've never been a fan of Creed, but here's a cringe-worthy fact that may even disappoint – or at least shock – the band's fans. In total, and at least in the United States, they've been able to sell more records than Jimi Hendrix. This is surprising to me only because I've always thought “All Along the Watchtower” was approximately a million times better than “Higher.” Am I crazy?

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