7 Things Guys Don't Always Understand About Periods


Periods are stupidly annoying and inconvenient, but they're part of our lives and we just grow to accept them. Guys, however, don't always understand - here's a few things we wish they were more aware of...

1. they make us grumpy

If we're in pain and frustrated and just genuinely feeling hormonal, we're gonna get grumpy. Fact. It's nothing personal, we swear.

2. it's just nature

Guys can get so freaked out by periods - I had an ex who would physically shudder whenever I even said the word 'period' which is crazy because it's such a natural thing - get over it!

3. you can't reason with us

If our hormones are raging and we're volatile - guys, frankly you don't stand a chance so don't push our buttons because you aren't gonna win this one.

4. we need love and attention

Even if we're acting scary, usually it's nothing a good hug and a bit of sympathy won't fix. It's nice to know that a guy cares enough to give you cuddle time and spend time with you when you don't feel so great.

5. they can make us horny

It just happens. It's really annoying, but often when we're on our periods (well, after the first day or so) our sex drive jumps up a little so how a guy feel about period sex depends whether he can help with this one.

6. it's worse for us

Guys can sometimes act like they have it so bad when we're on our period because it likely means limited sex for them and they have to deal with us being a little irritable. Yes, it's not great, but we're bleeding for days on end - we have it far worse.

7. they should be thankful

Unless you're actively trying for a baby with your partner, a period is a blessing. Rather than seeing it as this gross situation, guys should actually be thanking their stars that another month has gone by without an unplanned pregnancy!

Periods suck and if you're lucky enough to have a guy who understands them, you're living the dream, if not - educate him. Fast.

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