Tyra Banks Loses 30 Pounds in Five Months


Tyra Banks has lost 30 pounds since the bathing suit pictures were posted and the fat accusations started. She’s spent the past five months exercising and eating right in order to shed the extra weight.

An insider tells the [Life and Style Magazine], “She’s eating healthy foods, but they’re ones she likes, so she’s more apt to maintain her diet.”

And she’s completely revamped the food that’s available to her and guests backstage at her show.

Marcellas Reynolds, a frequent guest on “The Tyra Banks Show,” adds, “The craft-service table is now entirely absent of junk food and carbs. All you see are lean turkey sandwiches and loads of fresh-cut veggies and fruit.”

Well, eating healthy is never a bad thing. I’m glad for Tyra, but it’s not like she was so severely over-weight, either. I thought she looked great.

Via | SF Gate

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